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Kaia Fischer

Kaia Fischer, Counseling Intern and Student Success coach

My mission is to provide a supportive and affirming environment in which meaningful change is not only conceptualized but realized. I aim to offer you insightful counseling that is validating, encouraging, and challenging enough to facilitate your growth.

In addition to providing assessment and support services for children and adults with various chronic diseases and neurodevelopmental difficulties, I have assisted college students with time-management and coping skills as they navigate everyday stressors. I have also helped people with substance abuse and domestic violence histories heal from traumatic experiences.

I incorporate aspects of psychodynamic theory and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) into my work. I believe that when we become aware of our most deeply ingrained thoughts and perceptions, we can better target our growth areas. Together, we can explore, understand, and confront your experiences so that you can feel empowered and capable of thriving.

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