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Tips for Treating Child and Adolescent ADHD

It is estimated that about 9% of children and adolescents struggle with symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD, also known as ADD). ADHD/ADD can…

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How Will I feel During and After Ketamine Treatments?

Ketamine has been showing antidepressant effects for more than two decades. Initial reports indicating ketamine’s rapid antidepressant effects came about in the 1990s. If you…

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How to Boost Your Mental Health by Improving Your Sleep Habits

There appears to be a connection between good sleep and good mental health. However, mental health conditions can make it difficult to get good sleep….

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Everyday Strategies You Can Easily Add to Your Daily Routine to Boost Wellbeing and Health

Everyday habits can directly impact your physical health and mental well-being. Even though we know that simple things — like what we eat and whether…

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How Does Ketamine Work?

Ketamine is an antidepressant that works within hours and days. The cumulative effects of multiple treatments of ketamine provide sustained antidepressant effects. Per Northwestern University,…

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