Bipolar Disorder Treatment

Bipolar Disorder Treatment you can Trust

Most conservative estimates suggest that bipolar disorder impacts roughly 2.6% of the American population, equating to nearly 5.7 million fully grown adults. The average onset for bipolar disorder is 25-years-old, though this figure is far from set in stone. Individuals concerned for a potential bipolar disorder diagnosis can find help, support, and key insight through the team at Wellness Psychiatry.

Addressing Bipolar Disorder Treatment in a Professional Setting

When discussing potential bipolar disorder treatment, we are often discussing a combination of different mental health services. Bipolar treatment often begins with some semblance of medication, typically mood stabilizers, antipsychotics, or antidepressants. In addition to addressing bipolar disorder through proper medication, Wellness Psychiatry also suggests some combination of the following mental health services.

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy — Continuous psychotherapy has been shown effective at minimizing episodes and learning to better cope with future episodes.

  • Supplementation — Medicinal grade supplements can play a role in improving our mental health.


Wellness Psychiatry understands that each client has their own battles and challenges to face. To experience personally tailored services to inspire and motivate you to succeed, book an Initial Intake Session with Wellness Psychiatry to learn more.