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Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety Treatment Services: Assessing and Finding the Right Treatment Plan.

Dealing with anxiety on a daily basis can leave an individual feeling lost, alone, and thoroughly rattled. An anxiety disorder is truly manifested when it impacts our lives, changing the way we interact with the world as well as the people within it. While it is normal to feel anxious at times, it isn't normal to feel this way to the point that we are overwhelmed.

Anxiety Treatment: Build a Better Tomorrow by Starting Today

Signs and symptoms of anxiety can manifest in feelings of panic, difficulty breathing, overwhelming dizziness, or even sweat. Combined with fear, these anxiety attacks can quickly transform into a full-scale panic attack that leaves them gasping for air and feeling on the verge of collapse. While these are terrifying symptoms, they don't have to control your life.

Whether you are looking for anxiety treatment solutions, the team at Wellness Psychiatry can help you to get on the path toward recovery. A psychiatrist or psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner can discuss medication options, while a therapist can help navigate strategies and coping skills to better manage anxiety. 

  • Start With a Consultation — Let's sit down and figure out where, why, and how these issues have begun to impact our lives. An intake session will allow Wellness Psychiatry to undergo a full and complete medical and mental health history.

  • Genetic Testing Available — Individuals who have struggled to find relief through medications may also sign up for genetic testing to find out what personalized medication might work best for their situation.

  • Create a Plan — After discussing your mental and physical health and wellness, Wellness Psychiatry will help cultivate a treatment plan based on evidence-back integrative medicine. From CBT therapy to medication and proper supplementation, this plan is tailored to YOU.


Start your journey toward health and wellness with a visit to Wellness Psychiatry, based out of Lakewood and Winter Park, CO.

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