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Effective ADHD Treatment Begins With a Visit to Wellness Psychiatry.

We've all heard about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Once a chronically under-treated mental disorder, ADHD is now finally receiving the scrutiny that it deserves. A recent study published reported that roughly 4% of the population has ADHD to some level. With so many people struggling with ADHD, finding reliable ADHD treatment from a psychiatric nurse practitioner is an important task.

For residents throughout Golden, CO, and the surrounding areas, Wellness Psychiatry offers affordable and convenient ADHD treatment services.

ADHD Treatment: What to Expect and Where to Begin


Attaining treatment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can feel like an intimidating task and an uphill battle all at once. Fortunately, ADHD testing has come a long way, and now it is easier than ever to get an accurate diagnosis. Wellness Psychiatry is proud to offer an array of services guided by its team of professionals.

Let's look through the process of receiving ADHD treatment from Wellness Psychiatry.

  1. Book an Initial Intake Appointment — These 60 to 90-minute intake sessions are ideal for finding out the medical history and psychiatric background of a potential client. Discussing diagnosis, as well as treatment plan options, will begin in this phase.

  2. ADHD Computer Assessment — Available through Wellness Psychiatry is an objective computer test that assesses for the diagnostic symptoms related to ADHD. These symptoms include hyperactivity, inattention, and impulsivity. The test takes 20 minutes and results are available immediately.

  3. Find Your Treatment Plan — The team at Wellness Psychiatry believes in custom-tailored integrative medicine with a focus on a holistic approach. A proper ADHD treatment plan will be crafted in cooperation with your psychiatric nurse practitioner. Treatment can include medication, therapy, lifestyle changes, and even supplement plans.

Book an initial intake session with Wellness Psychiatry today to pursue the ADHD treatment that you deserve. Wellness Psychiatry takes cash and credit cards with super-billing available as needed. Due to COVID-19, Wellness Psychiatry is excited to offer Telehealth Services at this time.