Intake Appointment: 60-90 minutes, $300

The Intake appointment takes about 60-90 minutes.  This appointment consists of gathering a full medical and psychiatric history, as well as social and family history.  A treatment plan is discussed and agreed upon during this appointment.

Follow up, Medication Management: 50-60 minutes, $250

50-60 minute medication management appointment, with complexity, to discuss medication efficacy and possible medication changes

Follow up, Medication Management and Psychotherapy: 50-60 minutes, $250

This follow up appointment is 50-60 minutes long.  It includes psychotherapy, as well as medication management.  Medication efficacy and possible medication changes will be discussed at this appointment.  

Follow up, Medication Management: 20-30 minutes, $150

A 20-30 minute medication management appointment to discuss efficacy of medication and possible medication changes.

ADHD Testing- QbCheck: 20-30 minutes, $150

An objective computer test assessing for the symptoms of ADHD: inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. This fee is for the test only, it does not include interpretation, feedback or a treatment plan.  An intake appointment or a follow up appointment (if an established patient) will be scheduled to discuss treatment options and to start medication.

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