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Call to schedule

Our team will answer any questions you might have and help determine if Ketamine Treatment is right for you based on medical exclusions and inclusion criteria. From here you can schedule your intake appointment. Established patients can simply schedule a 30 minute follow up appointment.

Intake Appointment

Your intake appointment will take 60-90 minutes. This will include a full psychiatric history, medical history, and review of current medications. We also discuss goals and expectations for ketamine treatment. We will discuss your specific treatment protocol and then schedule your 6 ketamine sessions.

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Start your Treatment

Our ketamine treatment protocol is determined by an evidenced-based model. Patients will complete a series of 3 ketamine treatments over 2 weeks, and then another set of 3 ketamine treatments over 2 weeks, for a total of 6 ketamine treatments. Each treatment session lasts about 90 minutes. If possible, it is recommended patients have a therapy integration session weekly with their therapist during ketamine treatments.

What's next?

Ketamine is a short, intensive form of treatment. Some patient's symptoms will remain in remission after 6 sessions, while others may find individual ketamine booster sessions beneficial every 1-3 months.

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